Gabriel Dunn


Gabe was born in Indianapolis, IN and received his bachelors in astrophysics and mathematics at Tufts University in May 2008.  After which he worked at the CDF detector at Fermilab in Batavia, IL, the CMS detector of LHC in Geneva, Switzerland, and the University of Perugia in Italy through the DoE-INFN Exchange Fellowship.  He joined the UC Berkeley Physics department in September 2010, and worked in ultracold physics in the Dan Stamper-Kurn lab.  In January of 2012, he started working in the DeWeese lab.


I am working on the fabrication of a device utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as neural interfaces.  CNTs make ideal neural interfaces for a number of reasons: they are chemically inert, biocompatible, they have excellent electronic properties, are durable even at nanoscales.  CNTs are grown directly on a sharpened rigid Tungsten or Silicon rod through a chemical vapor deposition growth.  The device is then insulated with a conformal coating of Parylene-C.  The insulation is then removed from the tip of the CNT using a laser ablation technique.  Each of these processes is suited for creating large-scale production of multi-unit arrays.  The final device should allow for a means large-scale multi-unit intracellular recordings.

Contact Info:

Office: 116 Barker Hall
email: gdunn at berkeley dot edu